Glass Warming Plate


Pricing - Per 1-4 Days, single use
(Contact us for multiple use pricing)

We are excited to offer our very functional and efficient glass warming plate as an alternative to overhead heat lamps. This unit is ideal for carved meats and heating gastronorm pans, with tempered glass and a stainless-steel bottom they are extremely durable. They will also heat to a temperature range of 30 – 65 degrees Celsius.


  • ateTemperature range of 30 – 65 degrees Celsius
  • Heavy duty tempered glass
  • Great alternative to a heat lamp

Dimensions: W: 590mm D: 450mm H: 125mm
Power: 450w
Amp: 10 amp
Phase: Single phase
Gas: N/A
Weight: 6kg
Capacity: N/A

Terms of Hire

Abiding by the local by-laws and gas regulations is the responsibility of the hirer. The hirer must make themselves fully aware of these before hiring.

Some of our equipment draws more power than standard appliances. We therefore strongly recommend review of the supply circuit prior to use. If you are unsure please contact us and we will provide further clarification.

The only Grease we like stars John Travolta, so please ensure our equipment is returned to us in the same condition you received it, otherwise we may need to charge you an additional cleaning fee.

Full terms & conditions available here.